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A majestic mind and a magical heart: Welcome the ElanPro Mascot – Frozo

Elanpro has been at the forefront of revolutionizing India to be a powerhouse of innovation for decades. As India moves ahead to achieve the starry ambitions of “India@100” for a brighter tomorrow, Elanpro has decided to reinvent and reinvigorate itself to support that vision. Behind this revitalization, is a deep realization of how far we have come, of how strong we have stood, of how bright the future looks. However, to achieve that dreamy future, we must keep evolving.

Amidst the pool of foreign tech giants in refrigeration, Elanpro as an Indian brand, has been a glacier standing out for its integrity, excellence in service, and unparalleled innovation, being a significant force of “Atamnibhar Bharat.” But now it’s time to aim for the peak. Behind every successful endeavor is a maestro and with the guidance and leadership of Mr. Sanjay Jain, today Elanpro is one of the leading refrigeration companies in the India. Now, he has a delineated plan to support our nation in the next paradigm of the techade. Launching the brand’s mascot, Frozo marks the beginning of this new-age spirit of CHANGE.

Who better to tell you the tale of his travels than Frozo himself? Hear from our Chief Refrigeration Officer as he takes charge of this blog.

From the Arctic to your heart: Mission

They say home is where the heart is and I never knew what that means till I found Elanpro.

“I spent my life in the lap of snow hoping for a better tomorrow. As the snow kept melting, I found my hopes evaporating.

Then came across a messiah, the oh-so-cool Elanpro Sustainably making refrigeration in India grow.” 

The brand’s ideology lit up my heart and I set out on this adventure of a lifetime to save the Earth’s natural refrigerator. Here I am as the Chief Refrigeration Officer at Elanpro saving the world from the evils of global warming and making the world cool again. While also ensuring that innovation doesn’t stop and making India prosper leaps and bounds. I have never felt more at home.

So, why me? Well, what better way to make this world a cooler habitat and represent the glacier of excellence than the king of the arctic himself?

Call of duty: My role at Elanpro

Saving the world remains primary But there’s more to my duty

Here I am to spread some wisdom, love, and light Someone you can call your own with delight”

As we redefine what cool means and charge ahead towards a brighter tomorrow, I am here to support customers in every nook and cranny with loads of care and a promise of excellence. From new product launches to personalized communication, I will be a significant part of it all and more. Coming from a cold place with a warm heart, what makes me stand apart is the core value of care in every action. With polar bears being declared a “vulnerable” species, I am here to spread the word and save the majestic creatures by sharing some fun facts.

All about Frozo: His Personality

“With humor and wisdom so vast

Your furry friend will make this relationship last Loved by all, envied by some

I have a personality that’s truly Pawsome”

A product of immense love and labor, I’m truly a visual manifestation of all things Elanpro. I take pride in being an embodiment of Elanpro’s values and the pursuit of serving the world better. With a great fashion sense as you can tell, I represent the youth of the nation and the hope for a better future. Not to sound boastful but I have been told I’m smart, savvy, independent, and up to date with today’s generation and trends. Young but knowledgeable and of course – very very cool. Being an exquisite combination of the magic of love and the magnificence of knowledge, I make the perfect storyteller and a great friend for Elanpro’s audience.

It would not be an exaggeration to declare that “being cool” has a new face that you can recognize- Frozo. With Elanpro pushing the boundaries of business and espousing the mantra of “purpose over profit,” Frozo is here to make the brand more human than ever.

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