Medical Refrigerators

Refrigerators are used in many areas as well as in medicals. Elanpro is providing solutions for refrigerators in medical areas as well. They brings you the best for medical areas such as in laboratories, in pharmacy and in other fields too. As Elanpro is leading in the manufacturing of freezes and hence they are designing it for the purpose of storing vaccine and other medical alternatives as well. . And hence they designed to store the product in a low temperature too. Elanpro is here for a suitable solution to choose as medical storage.


The product is purposely designed for storing medical solutions and keep them bacteria free. Elanpro is providing the best possible option by designing the refrigerators in the arena of medical care. The design they are choosing for making these freezes are specialized for keeping the medical outcomes safe and protective. Some of the salient features of are listed below:-

  • Best temperature range in the field.
  • Quality dimensions.
  • More number of shelves/drawers.
  • Micro Processor controller.
  • Remote alarm functions.
  • Stainless steel used for making.
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant.
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