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Advantages of having a Cake Display Counter!

The phrase, “food that goes straight to the heart” is epitomized by cakes and desserts. Whether it is a moment of celebration or one that deserves some compassion, cakes and desserts have played a major role in not just satisfying our taste buds but also uplifting our spirits. While baking the cake and other sweet delights is an art, securing them safely must be backed by science and logic. From keeping your baked goods fresh for a longer period of time to adding marketing value, a cake display refrigerator does it all and more. Our experts demystify the importance of having a cake display Counter for your baking business, cafe, or food outlet.

cake display counter | elanpro

→ Preserves Freshness:
To preserve the taste and texture of the cake, it’s essential to store it right. Temperature and humidity levels are two important factors that can have a detrimental impact on baked delights. A commercial cake display counter provides an optimum environment that extends the shelf life of your offerings, ensuring that they don’t lose taste before the purchase. Besides, choosing a stainless-steel cake display can further help maintain food-grade safety standards. For myriad sanitary food handling processes, stainless steel is a preferred material choice. Not only food-grade stainless steel can withstand harsh temperatures that may melt plastic, but the material’s outer protective oxide layer further prevents the formation of rust that could contaminate your baked goods. Further, the closed cake display cases additionally prevent countless hands from touching your treats and deterring the potential menace of unwanted germs.
In a nutshell, A display case provides optimum temperature to keep your offerings fresher for longer, prevents the formation of germs, bacteria, and other contamination, and helps promote a cleaner and healthier business ebbing the risk of your customers getting sick by consuming your treats.

→ Aesthetic Excellence:
Your offered delights might be tempting, fancy, and myriad. Still, lacking to present them appropriately, especially your baked goods could make potential customers lose interest. Therefore, demonstrations play a crucial role in enhancing the beauty of your offerings and converting visitors into customers.
display counter | elanproThe stainless steel refrigerators made for industrial use are robust and durable, besides, they enhance the appeal of your store. In the front, clear glass is integrated so that customers can get a view of your offerings. The strategically integrated LED lighting in every shelf accentuates the texture, contours, and look of your desserts, making them look irresistible and an absolute visual delight. Irrefutably, buying a cake display counter adds a phenomenal marketing strategy, from a sales perspective as well as building a brand image.

→ Ameliorated Organization:
Customers always get attracted to the presentation, so it’s essential to organize your baked delights. It is impressive that cake display counters allow managers to organize and replenish their offerings in a classy manner. Not only can you easily keep track of the remaining stock of goods, but also arrange them as per your liking and your target audience.

As per your needs, you can select from myriad sizes of confectionery showcases starting from 900 mm width at Elanpro. Spacious display refrigerators such as those offered by Elanpro that have an 8.5-inch gap help display your products neatly and can accommodate even the most complicated 2 or 3-tier cakes. In case, one product goes sour,  neatly organizing your goods with enough space helps prevent germs from the contaminated product to other goods, saving your efforts and your money.

→ Greater Visibility:
It’s no secret that in the baking business, a customer primarily selects confection on the basis of its appeal. They are engineered with glass in the front to give your customers a clear view of your myriad offerings. In a regular or low-quality refrigerator, condensation and frost-bites ostensibly obstruct the view of the offerings, possibly even giving the apprehension that the treats are not fresh and further risking potential sales to go down the drain. However, choosing a professional cake display refrigerator combats that issue. While uniform cooling is provided to the goods inside, the double-tempered special heated front glass prevents condensation and moisture, further enhancing visibility. The ventilated or frost-free ability integrated into Elanpro cake display refrigerators ensures uniform cooling and avoids ice formation on the shelves which not only is aesthetically appealing, enhances visibility but also ensures zero bacteria.

cake display counter | elanpro

→ Easier Maintenance:
The built factor and the materials used in engineering the cake display refrigerators allow them to be maintained and cleaned in a hassle-free manner. As they are constructed with glass, you can easily spot stains and dirt marks. Whereas, the body is built with stainless steel and is stain-resistant. Any spillage can be cleaned by wiping it with a damped cloth in a cleaning solution.

→ Conclusion:
The importance of a cake display showcase in your café cannot be dismissed. It offers aesthetic value to the storage capacity, enhances the freshness of the available snacks in the display, and presents your offerings in a better manner. Moreover, having the appropriate cake display to showcase exquisite cakes can help you maximize profits and convert sales. Keeping the food fresh and displaying them clearly gives customers a seamless shopping experience; making it a win-win for your brand and your customers. 

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