Advantages of having a Cake Display Refrigerator!

The phrase, “food that goes straight to the heart” is epitomized by cakes and desserts. Whether it is a moment of celebration or one that deserves some compassion, cakes and desserts have played a major role in not just satisfying our taste buds but also uplifting the spirits. While baking the cake and other sweet delights is an art, securing them safely must be backed by science and logic. From keeping your baked goods fresh for a longer period of time to adding a marketing value, a cake display refrigerator does it all and more. Our experts demystify the importance of having a cake display refrigerator for your baking business, cafe, or food outlet.

→ Preserves Freshness:
To preserve the taste and texture of the cake, it’s essential to store it right. Temperature and humidity levels are two important factors that can have a detrimental impact on the baked delights. A cake display refrigerator provides an optimum environment that extends the shelf life of your offerings, ensuring that they don’t lose taste before the purchase. Besides, choosing a stainless-steel cake display can further help maintain food-grade safety standards. For myriad sanitary food handling processes, stainless steel is a preferred material choice. Not only food-grade stainless steel can withstand harsh temperatures that may melt plastic, but the material’s outer protective oxide layer further prevents the formation of rust that could contaminate your baked goods. Further, the closed cake display cases additionally prevent countless hands from touching your treats and deterring the potential menace of unwanted germs.

In a nutshell, A display case provides optimum temperature to keep your offerings fresher for longer, prevents the formation of germs, bacteria, and other contamination, and helps promote a cleaner and healthier business ebbing the risk of your customers getting sick by consuming your treats.

→ Aesthetic Excellence:
Your offered delights might be tempting, fancy, and myriad. Still, lacking to present them appropriately, especially your baked goods could make potential customers lose interest. Therefore, demonstrations play a crucial role in enhancing the beauty of your offerings and converting visitors into customers.

The stainless steel refrigerators made for industrial use are robust and durable, besides, they enhance the appeal of your store. In the front, clear glass is integrated so that customers can get a view of your offerings. The strategically integrated LED lighting in every shelf accentuates the texture, contours, and look of your desserts, making them look irresistible and an absolute visual delight. Irrefutably, buying a cake display refrigerator adds as a phenomenal marketing strategy, from a sales perspective as well as building a brand image.

→ Ameliorated Organization:
Customers always get attracted to the presentation, so it’s essential to organize your baked delights. It is impressive that cake display refrigerators allow managers to organize and replenish their offerings in a classy manner. Not only can you easily keep track of the remaining stock of goods, but also arrange them as per your liking and your target audience.

As per your needs, you can select from myriad sizes of cake display refrigerators starting from 900 mm width at Elanpro. Spacious display refrigerators such as those offered by Elanpro that have an 8.5-inch gap help display your products neatly and can accommodate even the most complicated 2 or 3 tier cakes. In case, one product goes sour,  neatly organizing your goods with enough space helps prevent germs from the contaminated product to other goods, saving your efforts and your money.

→ Greater Visibility:
It’s no secret that in the baking business, a customer primarily selects confection on the basis of its appeal. The cake display refrigerators are engineered with glass in the front to give your customers a clear view of your myriad offerings. In a regular or low-quality refrigerator, condensation and frost-bites ostensibly obstruct the view of the offerings, possibly even giving the apprehension that the treats are not fresh and further risking potential sales to go down the drain. However, choosing a professional cake display refrigerator combats that issue. While uniform cooling is provided to the goods inside, the double tempered special heated front glass prevents condensation and moisture, further enhancing visibility. The ventilated or frost-free ability integrated into Elanpro cake display refrigerators ensures uniform cooling and avoids ice formation on the shelves which not only is aesthetically appealing, enhances visibility but also ensures zero bacteria.

→ Easier Maintenance:
The built factor and the materials used in engineering the cake display refrigerators allow them to be maintained and cleaned in a hassle-free manner. As they are constructed with glass, you can easily spot the stains and dirt marks. Whereas, the body is built with stainless steel and is stain resistant. Any spillage can be cleaned by wiping it with a damped cloth in a cleaning solution.

→ Conclusion:
The importance of a cake display showcase in your café cannot be dismissed. It offers aesthetic value to the storage capacity, enhances the freshness of the available snacks in the display, and presents your offerings in a better manner. Moreover, having the appropriate cake display to showcase exquisite cakes can help you maximize profits and convert sales. By keeping the food fresh and displaying them clearly gives customers a seamless shopping experience; making it a win-win for your brand and your customers. 

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Why are Medical Refrigerators Essential for Vaccine storage instead of Domestic?

Times like these have been extremely challenging and accentuated the need for paramount healthcare conditions in the nation. In an age where the world is profusely dependent on vaccines, it’s essential to follow each and every protocol related to vaccines vigilantly. From excellent engineering to safe storage, every aspect must be abided meticulously. Being proficient in the field of cooling solutions, we demystify the need for purpose-built vaccine storage solutions, and how domestic refrigerators are incompetent in storing vaccines.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have given delineated guidelines regarding vaccine storage. In an excerpt from those guidelines, the esteemed CDC advises, to not store any vaccine in a bar-style, dormitory-style, or combined refrigerator and freezer unit under any circumstances.  They further mention that these units are made for domestic needs and contain only a single exterior door along with an evaporator plate or cooling coil, usually located in an ice-maker and freezer compartment. These units pose a considerable risk of freezing vaccines, even if being used for temporary storage further rendering the vaccines futile and ineffective. They further warn that the potency is curtailed every time a vaccine is exposed to improper conditions. Once lost, the potency cannot be revived.For most households, a refrigerator is reliable and does a satisfactory job at storing the food at a safe temperature, keeping them fresh. However, there are several characteristics that accentuate the difference between a purpose-built pharmaceutical refrigerator and a domestic refrigerator. Domestic refrigerators have myriad disadvantages pertaining to vaccine storage, such as:

– They are incapable of abiding by the 2-8°C temperature range which is required for optimal vaccine storage. A domestic refrigerator is built with temperature variance, ostensibly ranging from -15°C to 15°C. This can have serious repercussions in terms of storing vaccines as if the temperature ebbs to 0°C the vaccines can be frozen rendering them ineffective. This could further lead to patients being vaccinated with impotent vaccines that won’t protect them, or the medical fraternity being forced to dispose of expensive vaccines as they weren’t stored accurately.

– Ostensibly, only one shelf of a domestic refrigerator falls under the recommended temperature range of  2-8°C. Thus, it’s safe to assume that a domestic refrigerator is not even half-competent for vaccine storage.

– A meticulous analysis has shown that domestic refrigerator has wide temperature fluctuations and heating cycles that can further sabotage the vaccine.

– Temperature stability is sacrosanct when it comes to storing vaccines. However, domestic refrigerators are bereft of the feature to monitor and control temperature.

– Whereas, domestic refrigerators may seem to be an affordable choice. It is not, especially for storing vaccines as the entire domestic refrigerator cannot be used to store them.

Now that we have established domestic refrigerators fail at storing vaccines accurately. We delineate some of the features of a purpose-built medical-grade refrigerator, found in Elanpro medical refrigerators as well:
–  Since a purpose-built pharmaceutical refrigerator is engineered for storing vaccines, you can use the entire space it has to offer to store vaccines. There is a lot more usable space for storing the vaccines as there is no need to stack low drawers and the doors with ice packs or gel packs and saltwater bottles recommended for domestic fridges.

– Temperatures are maintained between the recommended 2°C to 8°C range. This eliminates the risk of vaccines being stored outside the suggested temperature range and rendering impotent.

– Management of a vaccine refrigerator is easier than a domestic one.

– Comes with 100% operational excellence and 0 risks of wrong placement

– A vaccine refrigerator is integrated with an alarm system that notifies when minimum or maximum temperatures are breached, along with a temperature display

-Further, the digital temperature control aids compliance and ensures precise temperature with 1 Deg variance

-A large number of shelves ensure that more vaccines can be stored with proper SKU management.

-Most vaccine refrigerators are integrated with glass doors, allowing the users to locate the required items before opening the door. This feature facilitates temperature consistency and improves efficiency.

We at Elanpro engineer vaccine refrigerators punctiliously keeping the needs of the medical fraternity at par. Our refrigerators will not only have all the aforementioned features but also more which facilitate the objective. It is irrefutable that a purpose-built vaccine refrigerator is a must for medical needs which a domestic refrigerator cannot fulfill.

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The menacing coronavirus has hit worldwide with some flabbergasting facts and people are becoming increasingly anxious as the catastrophe of the pandemic continues to run its course inexorably. The global outbreak has forced everyone to emphasize upon hygiene and prevention, to shift the paradigm towards upcoming products that were once not on the priority list. Times like these have demanded that innovators engineer products that facilitate prevention and correspond with cleanliness, safety, and hygiene.

Studies reveal that our initial point of contact with viruses, and germs are often from hands. Times like these call for extra precautions and hygiene is paramount. The most efficient way of keeping viruses and bacteria at bay is by washing hands frequently. Using a sanitizer dispenser is an efficient and effective way of ebbing the risk of getting sick from the inevitable interaction with people and germs. It is also highly recommended for water-scarce areas.

Understanding the need for sanitizer dispenser and ostensibly, these becoming an integral part of every life, we have enlisted some of the best sanitizer dispensers demystifying their features:

1. Elanpro Sanitizer Dispenser:
As they say, hygiene is two-thirds of health; Elanpro is renowned nationwide for its meticulous engineering. Their touchless and automatic sanitizer dispenser is a real savior, as it minimizes any physical contact between the dispenser and the user’s hands, thus stopping the spread of germs. Elanpro Sanitizer dispenser is easy to use and saves abundant of money with its exquisite 0 waste technology, it sprays 1 ml on the selected surface of the palm. It is integrated with an infrared sensor that only dispenses when the hand is placed within a 3-5inch distance to avoid any wastage.

This dispenser is also durable due to its 6V DC adapter or 4 C type battery which can last for up to 6 months. Designed keeping the different users in mind, it’s extremely simple to use, so much so that even children can easily use it. Hence, making it an excellent choice for homes, schools, restaurants, showrooms, clinics, theatres, etc, places that have the presence of kids as well as corporate offices, which have people from different walks of life.

It’s also easy on your pocket and you can recover the cost in up to 3-6 months.

2. Atlantis Handsantizer Dispenser:
This dispenser is engineered for liquid hand sanitizers only. This product is a touchless and automatic sanitizer dispenser. A user is just required to bring their hands under the protruding nozzle, and the machine through its infrared motion sensor and high-efficiency pump will dispense soap automatically in approx 0.2 seconds.

3. Avex Hand Sanitizer Dispenser:
With robust and anti-tilt construction, The Avex hand sanitizer is one of the best available. It is integrated with a hygienic refillable bottle and can be used for disinfectant, gel, or soap.

The dispenser is known for its easy assembly. The supplied screws, wrench, and assembly instructions make it incredibly easy to integrate the hand sanitizer station. What makes the dispenser unique is that the contactless hand sanitizer dispenser is quite suitable for places where the mounting of a dispenser seems impossible or difficult as it comes with a steel stand.
The floor stand is engineered with quality steel. The surface of the steel is coated with powder coating for impressive finesse.  The ingenious design of the liquid soap dispenser, made from quality ABS plastic ensures an aesthetic appearance.

4. BlowHot ABS Automatic Soap/Sanitizer Dispenser:
The wall-mounted sanitizer dispenser is easily convertible from soap dispenser to sanitizer dispenser by changing the nozzle and pump manually, thus bringing you the best of both worlds at 1 price. It is fully automatic, integrated with a completely touch-free operation, thus further avoiding the transfer of bacteria and viruses.

5. Kent Auto Sanitizer:
Kent Auto Sanitiser is integrated with a sensor-based technology that makes it fully automatic in operations and touch-less. It is especially useful for the areas where there is a gathering of visitors/employees. It not only dispenses the accurate amount of sanitizer but also makes it ready to be used for the next person in 3 seconds. It is wall-mountable and can work impeccably both indoor and outdoor, in fact, even in direct sunlight. The removable and transparent sanitizer tank makes it easy to clean and refill.

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