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Choosing the Right Commercial Refrigerator for Professional Kitchen

Refrigerators are sacrosanct for the success of any food-service enterprise. Any commercial kitchen requires at least one commercial refrigerator to store bulk items and keep them fresh. They prevent food-borne diseases and help you serve the best and high-quality dishes to your customers. 

There’s an entire segment of commercial refrigerators that can optimize food preparation in myriad ways. However, many remain obscured by the myriad options in the market and end up buying the wrong one. Besides, Not only there are different types of commercial refrigeration solutions available, the refrigerators and freezers are available in an impressive range of sizes. Our experts are here to introduce you to the cool world of commercial refrigerators through this delineated blog and help you in choosing the right one for your business. 

  • Types of Commercial Refrigerators:

While all refrigerators help keep your food and beverages cool. Different commercial refrigerators are engineered to cater to different needs. While some units are built to optimize the operations for kitchen staff the others may be more beneficial for the customer-facing realm. While some may be built for restricted spaces, the other would be to store gargantuan amounts of food such as a walk-in. 

→ Reach-In Freezers: 

Reach-in freezers are an impeccable choice for commercial kitchens due to their versatility and tend to take up less space. They have the ability to store myriad items such as baked goods, beverages, fresh produce, and more. They are an excellent choice for back-of-the-house operations as the content is available at arm’s length to the staff. 

They are available in different sizes and you can choose from single-door to larger models up to 3-4 doors. 

Along with optimizing storage space, the curved corners of reach-in freezers ensure a high level of hygiene, heavy-duty wheels for convenient mobility, an energy-efficient compressor & superior food safety. 

→ Walk-In Refrigerators: 

Most suitable for large restaurants and hotels that require cold storage space, walk-in refrigerators offer enormous storage capacity. They are heavily insulated to ensure excellent refrigeration. 

These walk-in rooms allow the staff to customize the temperature according to what the food items demand. They are an excellent choice for storing and organizing huge stocks of food. Institutions, Cafeterias, FMCG, Hotels, and large-scale restaurants can benefit profusely from investing in a walk-in refrigerator.

It’s intelligent to locate a walk-in refrigerator in the receiving area so that staff can directly receive deliveries and load the bulk straight into the walk-in. 

→ Under Counter Refrigerator: 

For professional kitchens that wish to utilize every nook and cranny they have, under counter refrigerators are the best solution. They can help the staff keep the kitchen clean and organized while also making it efficient for them as they can store all the essentials. Undercounter refrigerators are optimally used for grab-and-go cooking areas, such as griddles, where the chef may need quick access to fresh ingredients. 

Many under-counter refrigerators are integrated with a heavy-duty worktop that can be utilized as a preparation table for light food items. The cooling storage underneath helps the kitchen staff to reach for the ingredients they need instantly without having to walk to a storage unit that’s farther away. 

→ Worktop Refrigerator: 

Worktop refrigerators allow the staff to prepare food items while providing storage space for the ingredients of the delicacy, making the entire process seamless and hassle-free. 

Worktop units are an excellent choice if you own a mid-kitchen or have a front counter, where staff needs to prepare the food products quickly and serve them to the customer. Worktop refrigerators are most loved by food-serving establishments such as sandwich tables, pizza prep tables, hot dog assemble, etc. 

→ Display/Visi Cooler: 

Display or Visi coolers are aesthetically pleasing refrigerators to attract your customers. If you wish to display certain food items your customers can see and buy, then Visi coolers are the right kind of refrigerator for you. 

  • Quick Tips on Features to Consider when Purchasing a Comercial Refrigerator:

→ Capacity: Remember the 3 Ds when checking for capacity: Dimensions, Doors, and Drawers. 

→ Compressor: The compressor is the heart of the refrigerator, you must make sure you’re getting a high-quality functional compressor 

→ Shelves: Shelves can help organize and optimize kitchen operations. Make sure they are spaciously integrated. 

→ Insulation: high-quality insulation is essential to keep a refrigerator energy-efficient.

→ Temperature Display: This can help prevent food wastage due to rotting by keeping your staff vigilant of the temperature 

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