Choosing the Right Ice Cream Freezer!

From customized caramel choco-chip sundaes to the classic vanilla cup, ice creams are loved by people of all age groups. While ice creams are a favorite of everyone, only the ones in business are cognizant about how strenuous it can be to keep ice cream fresh as ever. Ice creams are perishable and their ingredients can get highly compromised if not stored appropriately. Whereas ice-crystals can develop if stored at a lower temperature than required, which can sabotage the creamy and smooth texture of frozen dairy products, and if stored at a higher temperature than required, they can melt, turn runny and ruin your customer’s experience. The key to ensuring a seamless customer experience by serving them the highest quality ice cream is to invest in the right ice cream freezer. Use our tips to choose the right ice cream freezer to boost your sales and establish brand equity. 

→ Storage and Temperature:
As succinctly aforementioned, storing ice-creams at the right temperature is the key to ensuring your customers get the best taste and freshness of your frozen delights. Ice creams must ideally be stored between -18 and -24°C to make sure they’re not defrosted or no ice crystals have formed that ruin the texture by developing unpleasant crunch. Besides, if not stored at the right temperature, ice-creams can get stale, giving a sour taste. To increase the shelf life and keep them fresh, you must make sure to buy an ice cream freezer that gives optimum temperature to your ice-creams. 

Another key consideration is storage capacity. The size of your ice cream freezer will ultimately affect the capacity. Larger dimensions will ostensibly have a greater space to hold stock. The capacity and size you need depend on a number of factors such as the space you have available in your store, the aspiration of sales you’re aiming for, and the number of flavors you want to offer.

→Sliding Glass Door: In an ice cream parlor, a sliding glass door acts as eye candy. With a clear view of your offerings, not only can your customer choose on the basis of visual appeal, often having a glass door and aesthetically organizing your offering make them delight their sweet tooth a little more by giving in to the cravings and purchasing more than what they initially came in for. A sliding glass door certainly acts as a sale booster. 

Often little pebbles make the biggest ripples, the same stands true for the impact of a sliding glass door in an ice-cream freezer. A toughened sliding glass door helps in myriad ways. It facilitates the “grab and goes” task of your staff by helping them easily identifying, grabbing and giving your customers what they desire.

Elanpro freezers are engineered keeping all the considerations in mind, from making it easier for the staff to reach ice-creams to an exquisite design that makes your frozen delights more appealing. Elanpro freezers come in different sizes and styles so you can choose according to your needs. However, each freezer is spacious so that staff can easily identify and choose the desired ice cream. Whereas the sliding glass door is integrated with cutting-edge technology, which makes the ice-creams stay cool and the glass doesn’t get misty as it prevents condensation and frost-bites. This is essential as customers get a clear view of your offerings, whereas a misty glass can not only obstruct the view of your customers but also make it appear stale, giving your customers a false impression of your offerings and brand.

→ Eco-friendly solutions:
The refrigerator industry is a leading contributor to global warming. It’s time we consciously make the right choice and save our planet while also boosting our business. Elanpro solutions are eco-friendly and efficient, the right combination you need to make your business a success today while also saving the future.

→ Keep cool in unfavorable situations:
As they rightly say, wish for the best, prepare for the worst.
Powercuts are a regular instance in many areas of the country. It’s essential to invest in a smart technology that doesn’t fail with power as it can lead to serious ramifications leading to a lot of food and money wastage. Being in the business, you surely don’t want that loss. Elanpro has a solution for this as well. Elanpro ice-cream freezers have high-density PUFF Insulation of 82mm for long hold overtime during power cuts.

→ Germs Guard:
Hygiene in the food business is essential.While with the glass guard. Glass guards also known as sneeze guards prevent people from touching you may not be able to escape the threat of bacteria and germs, you can certainly prevent them from contaminating your ice cream treats your treats, or getting in direct contact with them in any way before the final purchase.
The glass door is a great way to prevent external contaminants from tainting your ice cream.

→ Designed for Indian Climate:
A major mistake that many ice cream parlors commit is buying a product from global brands. While global brands sometimes do offer great technology, the same is integrated into Indian brands too.

Besides, products of Indian brands such as Elanpro are built specifically according to Indian climate that is unique. Thus making the refrigerators last longer and also keeping the offerings fresh for long.

→ Mobility and Convenience:
An additional feature that you must look out for is durable casters for easy mobility to move the freezer.

→ Hygiene: Hygiene
The right ice-cream freezer must abide by all food safety standards from providing optimum temperature to keep your offerings fresher for longer to preventing the formation of germs, bacteria, and other contamination. You must invest in a freezer that helps promote a cleaner and healthier business ebbing the risk of your customers getting sick by consuming your ice cream treats.
Choose the right ice cream freezer keeping all these points in mind to boost your sales and turning visitors into loyal customers. 

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