Icold – The Perfect Cold Room

A cold storage is a critical piece of infrastructure for many industries. The quality of stored produce and
raw material depend upon the reliable and precise functioning of the cold storage.

Icold, an Elanpro group company, has extensive experience in creating cold storages that offers different storage conditions in terms of temperature, humidity, fresh air, air flow, etc., to precisely suit different industry requirements. This has made Icold the major brand in Cold Storage domain.

Icold’s engineering wing plans and designs cold rooms based on advanced heat load calculations using internationally acclaimed software, thus building your desired cold room with precision.

Icold solutions cover various Industries like:

Food Processing

Meat Processing
Ripening Chambers
Sea Food
Ice Cream
Industrial Canteens

Hotels & Restaurants
R&D Labs

Technical Specifications


Icold’s new range of pre-fabricated insulation panel systems are easy-to-use interlocking panels that can be used to create cold rooms of any size at the site. Since the insulation material in these panels is foamed between two metal skins, they offer highly effective insulation for cold rooms.

What’s more, these panels are designed to ensure precision interlocking and hence they form leak-free walls ideal for cold rooms. Manufactured in a wide range of profiles, thicknesses and finishes, these systems can be used to create cold stores at the site and of any size – from small walk-ins to very large cold rooms.


Icold offers a complete range of insulated doors to complement its world-class environment-friendly PUF panels. The polyurethane foam insulation sandwiched between GI sheets makes the doors perfect for high-performance cold rooms.

Self-Closing: Ensures that the door remains closed without any human interaction
Safety Release: Doors can be opened from inside
View Port: Helps view products stored inside without opening the door, which is not just for convenience but for power saving too.
POSI Seal: Provides perfect alignment of frames and ensures perfect closing movement
Sweep Gasket: Air-tight heavy-duty sealing gasket below the door remains flexible at any temperature
Thermal Break: Eliminates thermal conductivity which otherwise leads to condensation and ice formation

Key Specifications
1PUF Panel Thickness60/80/100/125/150 mm
2PUF Panel CoverPP or SS
3Sheet Metal Thickness0.4/0.5 mm
4Temperature Range-40°C to 80°C
5PUF Blowing AgentCyclopentane - (CFC & HCFC free)
6Lock Arrangement Cam-Lock with metal locking devise
7PUF Density40Kg/m3 ±2Kg/m3
8K- value (w/m OK)0.021 - 0.023
9Panel Length upto 11.5m
10Panel Width 11.5/23/34.5/46 inches –292/584 /876/117 mm
11Panel JointTongue & Groove joint
12Panel to Panel FitmentThe gap between two fitted panels < 3 mm
Eco Star Inverter Unit
Bitzer Air/Water Cooled Unit
Bitzer Rack Systems
Dorin Condensing Unit
Features & Benefits

• PUF insulation core ensures excellent K factor
• High density polyurethane offers better strength
• Perfect joints eliminate air leakages.
• Effective thermal insulation results in negligible thermal conductivity.
• Suitable for a wide temperature range of -40°C to 80°C.
• In case of fire, stops burning when source of fire is removed.
• Occupies less space due to efficient insulation.
• Eco-friendly blowing agent cyclopentane used.
• Modular construction resulting in faster installation.
• Easily expandable to larger sizes.
• Available in stainless steel and pre-painted GI.
• Thickness range from 60 mm to 150 mm.
• 90 corner panels to ensure stability.

Combined Expertise, Comprehensive Solutions & Perfect Installations

Based on customer business and its needs, Elanpro & Icold come together to provide Businesses with a combined complete solution

• Single-source for Planning, Designing & Installation of
all cold-storage requirements. Customers do not have to
run around.
• Combined Solution provides for substantial savings on
time-lines as well as, costs
• With experience & specialization in all aspects of coldstorage, there is perfection & efficacy in cold-storing

Combined Strength in After Sales Support

Elanpro and Icold have been well known for their excellent service support in the entire industry. Now, the strength is multiplied!

Network grows larger; Reach multiplies and Resources multiply.

With a team of specially trained technicians placed at over 25 destinations across India, our esteemed customers would get quick & seamless service support. Elanpro and Icold dealer-partners based in different locations help our customers with perfect installations and together we will ensure excellent after sales support and availability of genuine parts at all times to avoid down time of your business.

Microprocessor Controller and Power Panel

Icold cooling solution come with intelligent microprocessorpowered controllers which are BMS compatible and HACCP proVi5io ed (available in select models).

Ready-to-use power panels which make electrical connections simple, safe, fast and long-lasting are available with every refrigeration unit. Other features of power panels are:

• Powder-coated weather proof housing
• Protection against common electrical failures
• Interlock of safety features

Icold - Wide Range of Refrigeration Units

Icold offers a wide range of both evaporating and condensing units. It includes both air-cooled and watercooled condensers, with technology from the world leaders.
Depending on the application, different temperature zones need to be maintained: Low (-23° C to -5°C), Medium (-5° C to +2°C), High (+20° C to + 15°C).
• Stainless steel body after excellent corrosion resistance
• Inner grooved copper tubes for superior heat transfer
• In-built defrost heaters for low-temperature units
• External rotor driven fans with low noise levels
• Removable side panels for easy service

Condensing Units

These units are characterized by high-efficiency heat transfer and low power consumption. Other features include:

• Energy-efficient scroll and reciprocating compressors
• UV and corrosion resistance
• Filter drier for moisture and dirt protection
• Pre-charged unit with service valves
• In-built safety and control devices
• Weather-proof polyster powder coated canopy

Blast Freezer
Condensing Unit
Model No.
Refrigeration Capacity KWRefrigerantTemp.
Range (C)
Temp. (C)
Max. Loading
Ambient (CPower*
Power Supply
(V / Ph / Hz)
FMH-82.34 KwR-22/R-134a2 to 630-3525038 to 421.6220V / 1ph / 50HzAir Off-cycle
FMH-123.51 kwR-22/R-134a2 to 630-3554038 to 421.9220V / 1ph / 50HzAir Off-cycle
FMH-154.39 kwR-22/R-134a2 to 630-3577038 to 422.4220V / 1ph / 50HzAir Off-cycle
FMH-205.85 kwR-22/R-134a2 to 630-35100038 to 423.4400V / 3ph / 50HzAir Off-cycle
FMH-4212.29 kw RR-22/R-134a2 to 630-35250038 to 425.3400V / 3ph / 50HzAir Off-cycle
FOR LOW TEMPERATURE @ -18° to -22° C
Model No.
Capacity KW
Range (C)
Temp. (C)
Max. Loading
Ambient (C)Power*
Power Supply
(V / Ph / Hz)
FLH-41.17 kwR-404a-18 to -22) -10 to-1510038 to 421.5220V / 1ph / 50HzElectric
FLH-61.76 kwR-404a-18 to -22) -10 to-1520038 to 422.0400V / 3ph / 50HzElectric
FLH-82.34 kwR-404a-18 to -22) -10 to-1535038 to 422.8400V / 3ph / 50HzElectric
FLH-102.93 kwR-404a-18 to -22) -10 to-1550038 to 423.4400V / 3ph / 50HzElectric
FLH-144.1 kwR-404a-18 to -22) -10 to-15100038 to 424.3400V / 3ph / 50HzElectric