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Commercial Refrigeration: Reasons to know what could go wrong

Follow these so that your commercial refrigeration equipment does not give you trouble/ Commercial Refrigeration: Reasons to know what could go wrong

The commercial refrigeration industry is divided into various major product verticals like retail refrigeration units, bio medical refrigerators, slush machines, wine coolers, back-bare beverage coolers, beer towers, ice machines, commercial freezers at all.

These equipment are closely associated with the daily basic functioning of a restaurant, bar, café, hospital etc. Any problems in the functioning of these commercial refrigerators can lead to a major setbacks for your establishment and it’s all round reputation.

This article will educate you on thecauses of frequently encountered problems as well as equip you with the knowledge of troubleshooting commercial refrigeration problems, and their prevention and care.

Common Refrigeration Problems: Here are some of the most common problems that occur with commercial refrigeration equipment:

• Damage due to surge in voltage: The top peril for commercial refrigerators come from high voltage surges. A sudden increase in the voltage due to a power surge can lead to an excessive buildup of heat, it can also damage the control board as well as the compressor.

• Refrigeration coils are worn out: Without timely cleaning, the coils can become clogged with dirt and dust. Coils can become problematic when they’re dirty or clogged as they will prevent the efficient transfer of heat from the refrigerant to the air, this could lead to an overworked compressor and a premature failure in cooling.

• Malfunctioning fans: Broken or dirty fans are another common malfunction. When a fan isn’t functioning properly in your refrigeration equipment, proper air ventilation and temperature control can become difficult, this can prevent your food from staying as cold as it needs to be in order to increase its lifespan.

• Thermostat is not operating accurately: Malfunctioning thermostats can cause your refrigerator to not work properly since they are responsible to regulate temperatures. When the air within the refrigerator reaches the desired temperature, the thermostat stops the flow of current to the compressor. If this mechanism is not performing accurately, the actual temperature may be higher than the desired temperature. Alternatively, it may also lead to an overworked compressor.

• The compressor is inconsistent: The compressor is like the central nervous system of a commercial refrigerator; without it the refrigerator will be rendered useless. Just like with any mechanical component, compressors are susceptible to wear and tear over a long period. A malfunctioning compressor can greatly affect the consistency of temperature control in commercial refrigeration equipment and cause further problems like higher power consumption. However, compressor replacement can be a cost-effective option for high-end commercial refrigerators.

• The food is getting spoilt: One common problem that occurs with commercial refrigeration equipment is that the temperature is not cold enough. When the temperature within the commercial refrigerator isn’t cold enough then the food is more likely to spoil, causing harmful bacteria and bad odors.

TIPS to Prevent Problems

Many minor problems can be addressed by periodically checking the different parts of your commercial refrigeration unit. This will help you to prevent any malfunctions that would cost you a lot money and inconvenience. Here are some tips for troubleshooting:

• Replace old parts ASAP: If you find a broken or worn out part while cleaning or during maintenance checks, it is a good practice to replace it right away. Delaying or forgetting may lead to a complete breakdown of your commercial refrigeration unit.

• Timely Servicing: Set up regulated time for a professional commercial refrigeration technician to inspect your equipment. There should be a well-balanced time paradigm, between hours of usage and service of your unit.

• Cleanse & Sanitize: You should clean and sanitize your commercial refrigerator unit on a regular basis. This will help your coils, fans and compressor to work in perfect synch with each other, it will also reduce any wear and tear to the parts. Sanitizing your refrigerator will make sure that your food does not catch any molds or fungus from the leftover food stock. Cleaning regularly will also help you to diagnose any unforeseen discrepancies with your unit.

DIY Resolutions for Basic Problems
There are some basic tips and techniques you can employ to make sure your refrigeration equipment is in top health:

• Malfunction Scanning: Thermostats, LED lights, glass covers, fans and coils must be looked over on a routine basis to ensure smooth working of your commercial refrigerator. Simply looking and listening for malfunctions can divulge a lot about the status quo of your equipment’s health.

• Clean equipment regularly: Disconnect your unit’s power supply, take a damp (but dry) piece of cloth and wipe out all the dust and dirt particle that may be collected on the fans, coils and the compressor. Doing this will spruce up your commercial refrigerator’s performance and life

The Holy Grail: Be Consistent
Make sure that you get professional help for your refrigeration unit. These professional technicians are qualified to address your problems in a way that is cost effective as well as durable. Saving some money on proper service momentarily, might lead you to shell out an exponential amount in the longer run.

Elanpro To The Rescue
Elanpro is an Indian refrigeration company, with a cumulative experience of 70 years. We have constantly been reinventing the wheel when it comes to the art and science of commercial refrigeration. We have a wide-spread network of over 560 channel partners, a tentative 310 sales and 250 service partners, spread throughout the country.

In a short span of time, we are trusted by the biggest brand names in hospitality, retail as well as pharmaceuticals. Some of our partners include stalwart names like Pepsi, Coke, Amul, Sab-Miller, InBev, Kingfisher. Our refrigeration solutions are a perfect fit in pubs, bars, fast food chains, hotels, restaurants, clinics, health centers as well as hospitals.

Our team leaves no stone unturned to bring to you the latest and greatest in commercial refrigeration technology. We are currently working on high performance cutting-edge products that will fill industrial gaps in food, beverage, ice cream and the confectionary industry. Please feel free to contact us to know more about our products, after sales services and other policies.

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