Why should you choose a Commercial Refrigerator over a domestic one for your Restaurant?

Why should you choose a Commercial Refrigerator over a domestic one for your Restaurant?

Without a doubt, the refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in your house. Most people love to store their household fridges with meat, dairy, veggies and other groceries in order to keep them fresh and last long. If that’s the case, then why don’t restaurants use the same kind of refrigerators?

Domestic Refrigerator

The most common type of refrigerator unit found in residential households, these are designed for at- home usage by individuals or small families for day to day purposes.

Commercial Refrigerator

These are cold storage units made for larger, professional kitchens set in commercial and industries. They are used by hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and other food and beverage businesses to keep large quantities of produce at the right temperatures.

So, what’s the difference between a domestic and a commercial refrigerator?


The refrigerators in our homes are great for daily use and storage. Domestic refrigerators come in a particular size range and are easy to move and fit into our homes. However, there’s a flipside to this, household refrigerators cannot be stocked with extremely large quantities of produce which is essential in commercial kitchens.

On the other hand, commercial refrigerators are larger, versatile and are engineered to store vast quantities of produce and bring temperatures down much faster than domestic refrigerators. They are available in various sizes and are perfect for the restaurant and hotel industry.

Cooling Capacity

Home refrigerators chill products efficiently at specific temperatures.
Domestic refrigerators cannot maintain the necessary temperature if the door is opened and closed frequently, which puts a huge strain on its cooling system, fans and compressors.

This delays the circulation of cold air causing food to go bad and the refrigeration unit to break down.

In this regard, commercial refrigerators are powered with bigger industrial grade compressors and fans. A restaurant refrigerator is specifically engineered to maintain ideal storage temperatures for continuous long- term usage. It keeps goods and produce fresh even if the door is opened and closed constantly.

By maintaining the ideal temperature for food and beverages, a commercial refrigerator gives fresh produce an extended lifespan.


Household refrigerators are usually manufactured using fragile materials which are not as sturdy compared to their commercial counterparts.

In contrast, commercial units have far more effective cooling and storing potential. Their exteriors are often stainless steel or scratch-resistant and polished glass.

These refrigerators are heavy duty and built to withstand increased wear and tear and resist corrosion while complementing the clean, modern aesthetic of a store or professional kitchen.

Energy consumption

Commercial and domestic appliances are evaluated differently for energy consumption, based on their size, function, and power usage.

When it comes to saving power, commercial refrigerators may consume more energy than a domestic unit. But they more than make up for it by having a consistent cooling system, temperature maintenance and increased storage capacity that commercial kitchens require in order to meet the industry standards for food safety and storage.


Home refrigerators require very little maintenance and use less energy compared to commercial refrigerators. Their advantages in terms of huge storage, chilling capacity, enhanced efficiency, and powerful compressor easily outweigh the disadvantages.

Routine maintenance and servicing of commercial refrigerators will keep them running smoothly for years which makes them a good investment, whereas domestic refrigerators need to be replaced frequently due to wear and tear.


There isn’t much variety in home refrigerators. They are limited when it comes to size, capacity and do not offer much in terms of internal and external design.


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