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Energy Saving Tips for Supermarket Owners

As a grocery or supermarket owner, you need to understand the significance of energy management in order to make sure that your business is sustainable and profit driven. One of the key factors in achieving this is to keep the overhead costs to the bare minimum.

Energy management should be your top priority in order help contain your overheads costs. Thus, it is imperative that you seek out new and creative ways to reduce your daily energy consumption by optimizing your current power consumption or embedding energy awareness in your company’s culture.

Keep the lights off when they’re on in use. Power down you’re your commercial refrigerator and the air conditioner when they’re not required. Make sure the heater and other appliances are turned off and not in the standby mode. These are basics of energy management which we are all taught while growing up, but they’re not enough to make significant reductions in your energy saving parameters.

This article will guide you through different ways of keeping your energy overheads on the down low.

New Age Engineering & Design:

The energy consumption parameters from the food sales industry are similar to that of some other business sectors. This includes lighting, heating, cooling, appliance running energy. However, the factors that set it apart from the rest of the sectors is major dependence on refrigeration. Statistics show that up to 40 percent of a property’s total energy is spent of commercial refrigeration units.

There are a multitude of energy saving techniques and plans that are available to aid you in maximizing your profits.

A few improved engineering and design practices should be used and applied to refrigeration units like, reach-in, walk-in, under the counter refrigerators or chillers. These options are also available for confectionary and drinks storage units. The unique engineering and design of these commercial units make sure that a majority of the cool air remains within the unit, even when the door is regularly opened and closed.

Energy Saving Tips:

The following tips are tailor made for grocery and supermarket owners.


  • 1. Make sure that you purchase ‘Energy Star’ rated commercial refrigerators whenever possible. This option is very exclusive and is not always available, but you should make use of it whenever possible. The higher the star rating, the lower will be their power consumption.
  • 2. Make sure that you keep the doors of all your refrigerators and freezers closed as much as possible. Repeated fluctuations in temperature within the fridge will keep your compressor working overtime and in turn add to your power consumption.
  • 3. Ensure that the temperature setting on your unit is set according to your needs. Keeping the temperature lower than you actually require will lead to wastage of a considerable amount of energy.
  • 4. Remember to defrost your freezer regularly. The accumulation of excess ice does not only take up valuable space but also make it’s harder for your freezer to work optimally. Excess ice also coagulates the drainage pipe which leads to a higher power consumption (due to an overworked compressor).
  • 5. Cooling coils tend to collect dirt and muck over a prolonged period. This can impair proper heat transfer thereby lowering the efficiency of your commercial refrigerator. Clean all the cooling coils on your refrigeration units gently and by using a damp cloth.
  • 6. Regular service will make sure that, your commercial refrigerator units is functioning at its ideal potential. An accurately functioning refrigerator will use and cut off the compressor in a way that is highly optimized for cooling and uses the least amount of power. Studies have shown that spending on regular maintenance of your refrigerator will ensure that you end up saving more money in the long run.
  • 7. Undissipated heat or exposure to excessive heat will make your commercial refrigerator work doubly hard. This leads to higher power consumption. As a solution you should ensure that your refrigeration unit is not installed near heat sources like the microwave, chimney, dishwasher, stove etc. Make sure that there is ample space behind and in front of your refrigeration unit so that it may dissipate heat effectively. There should be ample space and equipment for ventilation so that the dissipated can be disposed off.


These products come in all shapes and sizes. They’re not only responsible for embellishing your space with a sense of aesthetics but also play a key role in setting the mood of your place with different kinds of lighting.

Lighting products that have earned energy star ratings always guarantee a high performance. These products are known to be more luminous while using lesser energy. A star rated product is likely to use one quarter of the energy used by a conventional lighting product of the same power rating.

The latest of these products come with controls and sensors that let you manipulate the colour, intensity and wavelength of the light wirelessly.

Heating and Cooling: -

Heating and cooling systems are a part and parcel of any grocery or supermarket. They also account for the majority of the power usage. Here are some tips you can use to keep your energy usage as low as possible.

  • 1. Check your air filters every month. A dirty air filter will slow down the flow of air and make the system work harder and increase power consumption. Peak summers and peak winters are the time when air filters are more susceptible to failure. As a rule of thumb, make sure you change your air filter every three months.
  • 2. There may be times when your heating or cooling unit is not put in use for a prolonged period of time. In such a case, programmable thermostats are best option to go for. These thermostats can operate within the duration that you set in them.
  • 3. Ducts that take air to and from the air furnace, air conditioner or heat pump are called air ducts. Heating or cooling ducts should be properly sealed and insulated so that there is no leakage of air. This will have a major impact on the power usage of your unit. Properly insulated ducts can increase the efficiency of your unit by 20%.

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