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Empowers Universal Data Xcess & Control

THINGIFY XS 1.0 is a cloud-based system, designed to empower you with the advantage of information technology. It helps you to remain connected with your blood bank / laboratory at your convenience. Continuous monitoring of storage conditions helps in quality control of your very precious components and samples. The storage cabinets are connected to Cloud application with the help of a wireless trans receiver, THINGIFY and number of wireless modules. The wireless sensors attached to the storage cabinets collect the data and transfer to THINGIFY HUB which in turn transfers to the cloud server.

Cloud Based System Features:

• Online temperature monitoring and transmission of blood bank   refrigerators, freezers, reagent storage units.
• Central data recording for unlimited multiple equipment per site.
• Wireless data transmission to remote cloud based server using cellular     network / internet connection
• Un-interrupted data recording even during
  loss of internet/cellular connectivity.
• Cloud based web software eliminates need for dedicated PC
• 24×7 Data access from any location through net connection on any device     like PC, Smart phone, Laptop or Tab
• Cloud based server software ensures:
   > 24 x 7 Guaranteed Uninterrupted Services
   > 100% Back-Up Guarantee
   > Easy and Fast Log-In
• Single / Multiple Equipment View on Single Screen
• Tabular / Graphical View of Temperature for Each Equipment

• User Configurable Multiple Grouping and Subgrouping of Equipment for   Hierarchical Access
• Independent Password  Protected access
• User Assigned Tag [Name] to Each Equipment & Location [Site] for Easy   Identification.
• SMS / E-mail Alerts to User Defined Recipients on Alarms.
• Equipment-wise & Location-wise Report Generation of Logged Data   [Temperature Value, Alarm Status, Power Conditions, etc’].
• Automatic Periodic Report generation and dispatch via E-mail to  user Defined Recipients
• Data Log Report, Alarm Log Report, History Graph & Audit Trail Report in PDF, CSV Formats.
• Audit Trail History of Critical Events & User Actions.
• Multi-User Access Per Site & Multi-Site
• Off-line Data Recording with Minimum 5 years Data Storage Capacity.