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Maintaining a Beer Tap System

Beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world, and the third most popular drink after water and tea. It is essentially an alcoholic beverage that is made by the fermentation of hops, yeast, water and malted grains.

(Good) Beer can make or break your F & B business. The beer tap system is significant rig to have in your restaurant, club, bar or pub. Having an immaculately functioning bar tap system will determine the taste, texture, temperature and aroma of your beer. Ultimately, good beer is responsible for the reputation and success of your establishment. This task is easier said than done, a beer tap system has many moving parts, elements of gravity, pressure and temperature.

In this blog we’ll try and break down the mechanics of a beer tap system and assist you with the basics of beer tap system maintenance.

Beer Tap System Maintenance :-

How to Clean Your Beer Taps

Beer tap lines should ideally be cleaned once every two weeks. There are several ways of approaching this. But we suggest utilizing a cleaning kit which comes with all the necessary chemicals and tools to clean your beer tap lines. One of the most effective way to clean is to fill a keg with cleaning solution and run it through the tap lines (just like you would with the beer). Allow this solution to sit in the lines for 5 to 10 minutes so that it kills any protein, carbohydrate or mold formation. In the final step, flush the lines and re-run them with water at higher pressures.

How to ‘tap’ a keg
Tapping kegs is a prerequisite skill for bartenders. Here is how you can tap a keg in two easy steps:

- 1. Attach a coupler to the gas cylinder. Determine that you have the right coupler for the type of beer you’re serving. Using the wrong couplers can lead to all sorts of problems like gas pressure and how your beer pours out.
- 2. Release the gas valve and calibrate the gas pressure. As a rule of thumb, ales, lagers and light beer should be dispensed at 10-12PSI. Beers on the more saturated and rich side like stouts and porters, should be served at 25 to 30 PSI.

Beer Tap Systems : FAQs and Answers
Most common problems in a beer tap system arise out of issues like wrong temperature and pressure. Most of these issues can be resolved through regular cleaning and maintenance. Check out these simple DIY steps to ensure longevity and proper functioning of your beer tap systems.

Foamy Beer
Foamy beer is delicate and complicated to regulate in the beer lines and serve to people. Here are a few tips to handle that foamy glass of beer.

- Cooler Temperature : The draft beer cooler temperature should be properly regulated. The ideal temperature range for draft beer is between to 2 to 4 degree Celsius.
- Frozen Glasses: If the beer comes in contact with a glass that is too cold, it will cause the beer to foam up and spill over. Additionally, frozen glasses tend to freeze up the water in the beer, this leads to complete negation of the taste of the beer due to brain freeze.
- Beer Tap Lines: If the temperature or pressure of the beer lines are too high or low then it will take away from the taste of the beer. Be sure that you’re running the right kind of beer under the right pressure and temperature.
- Beer Dispensing: The right way to pour a beer is to hold the glass at a 45-degree angle to the tap. Open the tap and slowly transition the glass to a 90-degree angle(relative to the tap) as the glass starts to fill up.

Flat Beer : Serving a beer flat is considered by some as almost blasphemous in the F&B industry. This could be steep downward slope for your establishment’s reputation. Here’s what to do to avoid this.

- Overtly Cooled Beer: Beer barrels should be stored within the range of 2 to 4 degree Celsius. Beer lines should be adequately insulated or refrigerated to maintain the serving temperature.
- Air compressors: Some establishments employ air compressors to dispense their beer in order to cut costs. This is a huge mistake, as the air compressor will not carbonate your beer, and it might result in a flat beer. Beer must only be dispensed using carbon dioxide or a mixture of carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

Cloudy Beer : The perfectly served beer for almost any style, comes with that picture perfect 1inch foam head. It is nicely carbonated and is crystal clear. If the dispensed beer is cloudy here are some ways that it can fixed.

- Choked Beer Lines: Clogged beer lines are often the major cause behind cloudy beer. Formation of yeast, sediment, or molds can turn the beer in the line cloudy. Make sure that the beer lines are regularly treated with the right kinds of disinfectants.
- Contaminated Pressure Source: The cylinders containing carbon di oxide should be properly inspected and maintained. This should be done even more stringently if the gas is being refilled instead of being replaced. An abnormal pressure source can lead to rust and other contaminants inside your beer.

Unusual Taste : Beers that do not taste perfect are considered ‘off’ and there’s nothing that can be worst than that for your F&B establishment.

- Serving Old Beer: Generally speaking, a keg of beer that is not pasteurized and is being dispensed with carbon di-oxide will stay fresh for 45 to 65 days. Whereas, a pasteurized beer could hold true for up to 120 days. So make sure you only serve fresh beer.
- Contaminated Cylinders: Make sure that you check your gas cylinders for any contamination. You many need to clean or replace your tanks for properly dispensing beer.

- Beer Taps and Glasses: Beer taps and glasses are your last contact points in serving beer. You could have done everything during the beer tap cycle, but it would be driven to futility if your beer glass and taps aren’t properly cleaned.

The beer tap system is the most significant piece of equipment in a bar, so it’s important that you are aware of how to clean, maintain, and troubleshoot your system. By making use of these resolutions you should be able to handle the most common problems that might come your way.
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