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Bread, Bagels, Doughnuts, Muffins, Pizzas, Buns, Pastries, Pies, Tarts, Brownies, Cakes, Croissants, Cupcakes, Cookies, Biscuits, Pretzels.

What do all these foods have in common? You guessed it! They’re all prepared using the art of bakery.

Baked food items are part and parcel of the food industry. Baking has a rich culturaland traditional background in most parts of the world. The art of baking food items has been refined for centuries; it has evolved into the contemporary modern-day bakery industry. This article dwells in the latest and greatest innovations in bakery refrigeration.

Bakery refrigeration cannot be developed like traditional commercial refrigeration, because unlike traditional commercial refrigeration, bakery refrigeration is also used as a display unit for your baked food items. While conventional commercial refrigeration is mostly used in the back end of your kitchen, bakery or confectionary shop, bakery refrigeration serves at the front end (bakery display refrigeration) of your establishment.

This direct contact of bakery refrigeration with your customers calls for modern day refrigeration to be based on a seamless intertwining of aesthetics and technical precision.

Let us look at the latest innovations in bakery refrigeration.

    Ambient Display

    “All that glitters might not be gold”, but it certainly is enticing. Ambient display borrows from this marketing fact and turns your bakery display refrigeration unit from ordinary to magnificent.Ambient display gives your customer a bird-eye view of your bakery products. This makes your bakery products even more alluring and enticing.


    LED illumination

    “First impressions are last impressions”and your bakery refrigerator’s Illumination has a great impact on the first impression of your baked food items. LED or Light emitting diodes are the latest innovation for illuminating your bakery display refrigeration unit, they have many advantages over the conventional bulb illumination of the yesteryear. LED lighting uses much lesser space than conventional bulbs. It is neater and more uniform in its illumination compared to the old-school bulbs. LED lighting can be aligned along the dimensions of your bakery refrigeration unit, it can be set up in a way that completely conceals the LEDs and brings forth only premium quality illumination. Let’s get into a few numbers now, LED lighting emits up to 10 times lesser heat and is around 26 times more durable. LED lighting systems use up to 20 times lesser power, thereby saving you massive amounts of money in your power consumption costs.

    Frost Free Cooling

    For the success of your bakery, it is imperative that your food remains fresh, soft and healthy. This is where frost free cooling comes into play, it greatly improves the balance of color, texture, taste and aroma of your food items. The use of electric fans ensures uniform circulation of cool air within the refrigerator, without any formation of ice or frost. In simpler terms, the cooling coils in frost free commercial kitchen refrigerators are kept hidden and the electric fans are responsible for blowing cool air into different compartments, this ensures that there is no ice or frost formation within the refrigerator.

    This has two major advantages. Your precious bakery products will never be sullen or spoilt as they will never come in direct contact with ice or frost. The absence of ice formation within the refrigerator would mean that you will save time, as there wouldn’t be any need to clean it consistently. Frost free cooling coupled with the technology of ambient display leaves no room for error in the display and refrigeration of your prized bakery food items.


    \“What you see is what you get”if this is the theory you go by, then you know the significance of aesthetics in your line of business. Not only is it important that your baked food items look sumptuous,but it is also important that the way they’re displayed looks enticing to the customer. The combination of the two factors mentioned above is what directly leads to an increase in your sales. There are different types of display units for bakery. You can choose the ones that suit your needs the best. They come fully equipped with racks and shelves of various sizes. The storage space depends on your need and the number of shelves you’re looking for. Typically, the latest and greatest bakery refrigeration units are the ones that seamlessly intertwine science with art, in order tobring you that perfect integrative commercial bakery refrigerator.

    Technical Specifications

    Technical specification of your bakery refrigeration unit will not affect your customers, but it is most definitely something that should be on one of your top priorities while buying one. There are a few basic pointers one should keep in mind. The compressor should be able to easily support an ideal temperature range of 2 to 6 degree Celsius. It is a good idea to buy a refrigerator that’s made using stainless steel to ensure that there is not rust within your display area or outside it. A state-of-the-artventilation system will make sure that your food remains fresh throughout its life cycle.

    Anti-Mist Glass

    Known for its erratic nature, the Indian weather can be very unrelenting. The extreme humidity and the temperature can lead to formation of mist within your bakery display refrigerator. The use of anti-mist glass system is one of the latest innovations in bakery refrigeration. The anti-mist system makes use of heated glass that is able to dissipate the mist within moments of its formation. This plays an instrumental role as it saves your baked food items from collecting moisture and becoming soggy, it also ensures that the food is displayed crystal clear to the customer, without hindrance from the mist.


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