The importance of having an effective refrigeration system in India

Before industrialization, the method of cooling and preserving food was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Instead of mechanical devices, they used ice from the mountains to cool and store their food, and those who were rich also dug snow cellars into the ground, insulating them with wood or straw. The Chinese have also found written records of their ancestors holding ceremonies and religious functions to construct such ice cellars in old times.

Why are refrigeration units in so much demand?

In simple words, Refrigeration is artificial cooling. The most crucial function of a refrigeration unit or freezer is to keep food cold and preserve it. The meatpacking industry heavily relies on effective refrigeration systems for food preservation and can be called the biggest contributor to the growth of the Refrigeration industry.

Apart from this, farmers also employ the process of refrigeration to increase the shelf life of food, and to meet quality standards. With refrigeration as an effective method for preserving food, people have moved on from Salt Preservation. This has helped in lowering sodium levels in humans and improving the hygienic handling of food products.

Why does India need an effective refrigeration system?

India is a diverse country with variable food habits. People across states have different food habits, requirements, and supplies. Let us tell you why the refrigeration system in our country is sacrosanct and must be more efficient:

  • Geographically, most of India lies in the tropical region. As such, food safety becomes a huge issue as humidity and heat can quickly turn any food into a breeding ground for
    bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella.
  • Although most people may have refrigerators and freezers at home, having an efficient refrigeration system is crucial across the supply chain. As most of the vegetables and fruits go stale before even reaching the markets.
  • According to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, nearly 45% of food production goes to waste due to the absence of an efficient cold chain.
  • Industries like Dairy, meat, frozen foods, fisheries, and ice cream must understand the need for having good cooling equipment. These items depend on specific temperatures which when not maintained can cause food to perish and ultimately become unfit for consumption.
  • Seasonal items like peas are now available all year round at no additional cost, and this has been made possible due to effective refrigeration and cooling systems.
  • Domestic use of refrigerators has been accelerated by the lockdown when people started buying in bulk due to the fear of food items being sold out. Simultaneously, freezers had to be used to keep those food items from rotting.
  • Families and adults who migrate due to personal or professional reasons might get homesick and miss their staple food items. Advanced refrigerators and freezers help them to adjust to new food habits and also store homemade food for days. Hence, such varied refrigeration systems serve just the right purpose for versatile households.

With rising industrialization and migration, every household, office space, and commercial facility needs an effective cooling system. Now, if you’re planning to set up a refrigeration unit for yourself, reach out to us at Elanpro.

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