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Top Refrigeration Trends To Look Forword To In 2019

Summers are here in full swing. And we’re sure that your customers are lining up in throngs to relish their favorite foods & beverages. With the mercury rising, you would want to make sure that your establishment’s refrigeration systems are functioning adequately.

Several issues have been addressed in order to lower the negative impact of refrigeration on the environment. The most significant of them being a rapid increase in R & D in order to address problems like HFCs and power consumption. The latest advancements in the cooling and refrigeration technologies will make sure that you get a higher return on investment by saving considerable money on power consumption and over-all efficient cooling whilst making the products more sustainable, durable.

Refrigeration has come a long way since its inception in 1755. Let’s look at the latest trends in the world of refrigeration

Polyurethane Insulation : After the revelation of CFC’s and their unfavorable impact on the ozone layer, the refrigeration business took a huge blow and went scrambling for alternate options, eco-friendly answers that could be commercially viable to meet the demand and supply. The advent of polyurethane protection permitted environment-friendly refrigeration solutions to be bought to the business market. Polyurethane enables food and perishable products to be kept at low temperatures all throughout the processing, stockpiling and distribution process. Without polyurethane protection, around half of the world’s food would decay! Low thermal conductivity of polyurethane (PUR or PU) makes it ideal to be used in refrigeration. Furthermore, by maintaining colder temperatures for longer periods of time, PUR ensures that there is reduced amount of energy consumption. This reduced power consumption adds to your overall ROI in the long term.

Light Emitting Diodes – LED : The modern-day LED-based fridge lighting system has many advantages over conventional fridge lighting. An LED system is much smaller and takes up much lesser space than a bulb-based lighting system thereby sprucing up the usable space of your refrigerator. LED based lighting systems emit up to 10 times lesser heat than ordinary bulbs, this means that cooling efficiency and temperature swings inside the fridge will be highly optimized. LED technology consumes up to 20 times less power and are up to 26 times more durable than conventional lighting bulbs.

Noise Reduction : Generally, as a rule of thumb, the lower the number of friction points and moving parts, the more powerful, stable and quiet the motor would be. The modern-day digital inverter compressors come with fewer friction points this mean a high magnitude of noise reduction. The decibel levels can be reduced by up to 25%.

360° Airflow for All-around Cooling : The new age dual fans and multilevel vents ensure that there is a constant and homogenous air flow and temperature being maintained within the fridge. The contemporary refrigerators come with cooling vents placed in a strategical manner so all to provide an airflow circulation that is dynamic and maximizes the cooling effect. This is important for achieving uniformity in cooling. A 360-degree air flow makes sure that the temperature is evenly maintained throughout the refrigerator. This helps to prevent any frozen or warm spots and ensures that all perishable items remain fresh and last longer.

Power Blackout Backup through Cooling Gel, Cooling Wall, and Insulated Capillary : Power outages and load shedding are the corner stone of any developing economy, or are they? Jokes apart, you need not worry about power cuts playing the spoiler for your food and beverages establishment. Modern day refrigerators come armed with a technology called ‘cooling gel’. This gel is released in the form of a cool gas. Released and circulated inside the refrigerator, this gas maintains the low temperatures for hours, even after a power cut. The Insulated Capillary technology surrounds the capillary with super cold gas, this can help the freezer to achieve temperatures are cold as -26 degree Celsius.

Eco Friendly Refrigeration:
We are moving rapidly towards an environment friendly world. All industries across the world have streamlined and aligned their processes for more accountability towards planet earth and its well-being. The refrigeration industry leads this revolution from the front. Prevention of leakage and spillage, significant reductions in emissions are being constantly developed by leading manufacturers. EMD control, ECM fans, CO2 cooling and tesla magnets are leading us into a new era of refrigeration that will help to reduce the greenhouse effect drastically.

Make sure you’re aware of your refrigeration needs and buy the one that fits your need the most. For example, if you live in an area that suffers from frequent power cuts then you’d be better off with a fridge that comes with insulated capillaries and a cooling gel technology. Buying the right fridge may depend on several factors like power consumption, power rating, customization levels, dimensions, and capacity. There is an expansive presence of the refrigeration industry in India. Be it in the F&B industry, science and tech, commercial, wholesale, retail, personal, medical or bio medical field.

Elan Professional Appliances Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Indian refrigeration company that integrates modern day refrigeration technology with the latest trends in utility and aesthetics. We constantly strive and reinvent ourselves to push the boundaries of the refrigeration industry. We provide refrigeration solutions across all industries throughout the country. Our well-knit network of partners and after sales services make sure you and your company are sailing smooth throughout.

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