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What are the advantages of having a touchless automatic sanitizer dispenser?

What are the advantages of having a touchless automatic sanitizer dispenser?

Our world has changed drastically since 2020. Coronavirus has taught us many different things.
Even as time passes and ‘new norms’ become everyone’s lifestyle, these new habits and newly acquired knowledge about health and hygiene will remain for at least one more decade. Occasionally hand washing has become a global phenomenon, whether epidemic or not. Other sanitation awareness campaigns are underway, and governments are installing hand sanitizers in many public places. To avoid contact, many people opt for automatic hand sanitizer dispenser providers as they are believed to provide an extra layer of protection.

An automatic hand sanitizer is a much better option than the traditional one as it provides zero contact hence requires zero to be unaffected. But with so many benefits, it is still a question of its usefulness and effectiveness.

Here is a list of the pros and cons of automatic hand sanitizing products.

Benefits of Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

1. Ease of Use
The first and foremost advantage of the automatic sanitizer extractor is that it provides a truly non-invasive feel. These dispensers have ultrasonic sensors that release the sanitizer when you keep your hands under the microsensor. It is faster, safer, and more efficient.
Automatic hand sanitizers are better than traditional ones as they automatically spray the sanitizer. You do not need to apply body pressure to the dispenser; just put your hands under the nozzle.

2. It brings the normal volume
One of the great advantages of an automatic disinfectant machine is that it provides a standard volume enough to clean both hands.

These suspended doses are usually sprayed on the hands, resulting in minimal damage, unlike the one made by hand, which sometimes releases additional antibiotics.

3. Delete contact area
Manual disinfectants need to be pumped to release the disinfectant. Touching the pump can spread many germs, as people with dirty hands use it.

With automatic hand sanitizer providers, there is no common contact, meaning that little or no germs will be transmitted from one person to another.

4. Modern look
Automatic hand sanitizers often have a delicate and stylish design. They also add modern appeal to the areas in which they are installed.

When you apply a non-abrasive hand spray to your workplace, it means you are actually providing a high-quality veneer in your area.

Cons Of An Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
Aside from the many amazing benefits of automatic hand sanitizer providers, there are also disadvantages that have made the decision-making process difficult for consumers. But are these bad things really something to worry about? Is there a way out? Let’s find out –

Frequent Charging
Many automatic hand sanitizers rely on batteries to operate. Therefore, they require regular and timely care like recharging the batteries. This is an additional cost and problem for consumers, who will need to replace batteries as soon as they age.

However, since the outbreak of the epidemic, many types of sanitizer dispensers in India have made new products to make things easier for consumers. Modern sanitizer providers are electrically operational and thus, eliminate the difficulty of recharging batteries.

Value factor
These machines come with a completely automatic system, and understandably, these machines are more expensive than handmade.

But instead of simply focusing on the cost, we should also consider the service and the long-term value of the product purchased. As automatic, these are much safer to operate and also last longer than usual. In addition, Elanpro today offers affordable options for everyone to buy.

Hygiene Factor
There is no doubt that the automatic dispenser needs a high degree of refinement. As the sanitizer emits automatically, it has an area which needs to be cleaned from time to time.

However, water extraction units that run on electricity and use a fog-based spray system, require very little care. These are obviously very clean too.

Although refilling the sanitizer dispensers is a manual operation, it is much easier to refill the equipment and takes a few minutes to do so.

Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers are a one time investment for good health and hygienic lifestyle, though the product is a bit expensive but it has a lot of benefits as compared to the traditional sanitizer machine which is touched by a lot of infected hands. Also, Elanpro provides sanitiser dispenser with a 3+2 warranty.

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