Trends in Showcase of the Confectionery & Bakery Industry

Confectionary and bakery products have been known to lift our spirits up and put a smile on our face. All of us like to gorge on our favorite foods after a hard day’s work. Before diving further into this article, lets first draw a clear and unambiguous distinction between the confectionary and bakery industries. Bakeries are establishments that sell baked food item like bread, bagel, buns, cakes and pastries etc. These items can be sweet, salty or sour. Whereas confectionaries are establishments that sell only sweet food items like cakes, candies, chocolates, desserts and pastries etc. Not all bakery products are sweet, and not all confectionary products are baked.

The storage and refrigeration in both these industries are mutually inclusive i.e. they overlap in certain areas. There have been continuous modifications and developments in the way food is displayed, stored, maintained and preserved using the right kind of refrigeration. Let us look at the latest trends of confectionary and bakery refrigeration in India.

Confectionary Refrigeration : Refrigeration for confectionary and bakery products is highly specialized. Storing confectionary products at the optimal temperature will ensure that the food last for a longer period than its natural life span. Regulating temperature within the fridge is critical for the freshness, texture, aroma and taste of these foods. These confectionary and bakery food items are more sensitive to temperature and humidity change than other food items, hence it is important to provide the ideal display refrigeration solutions

Display Fridge Units : What you see is what you get (sell). The new wave of confectionary or bakery fridges are display refrigerators that store your food products while simultaneously displaying them to your customer in an aesthetically pleasing way. These display refrigerators are a must have if you want your business to be successful. Display refrigerator units are great display units that make it easy to organize your food. Easy to clean, they are a great marketing tool for your brand.

All-Round Cooling : Foods such as a confectionary or bakery items need to remain completely fresh and soft for them to sustains their essence. Ambient cooling is the process through which the food items get an all-round 360 degree cooling so that there is no inconsistency in the texture or taste of your confectionary or bakery item. This can be achieved through rotating shelves or through strategically placed cooling vents. Ambient cooling (or frost free cooling ) helps to maintain the ideal temperature range for confectionary and bakery food items. This technology also helps us to maintain and evenly regulate these temperatures so that your food items do not have uneven patches and they may taste their best.

LED Based Illumination : All that glitters can be gold (sold). The right kind of lighting system can be the difference between high or low sales and your overall profit. The LED (Light Emitting Diode) system covers a larger surface area and can reach in nooks and corners of the refrigerator (where a conventional bulb would not fit). LED illuminates the entire area of the fridge evenly and aesthetically. The latest LED based lighting system takes up lesser space than conventional bulbs, is 26 times more durable and produces up to 10 times lesser heat than ordinary bulbs, it consumes up to 20 times lesser power and thereby helps you to reduce your overall expenditure by saving on hefty electricity bills.

Volumetric Dimensions : The bakery and confectionary showcase industry has come a long way. Gone are the days of limited dimensions and a general lack of options, today is the time of quality refrigeration. The latest trends in the showcase industry stresses on tailor made specifications for all purposes. This includes fridge display units with small or big footprints. There are horizontal fridges for establishments with bigger spaces and vertical (upright) fridges for places with smaller carpet areas. Laden with options like rotatable shelves, flexibility and efficient compressors these fridges are a must have for your confectionary or bakery establishments. You can choose from many different dimension and volumes offered in a standardized form.

Technical Specifications : This is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to considering what kind of a display fridge unit you should go for. As a rule of thumb, the ideal temperature range for confectionary and bakery items may vary from 2 to 12 degree Celsius, this is made possible by using specialized compressor technology for showcase fridges. These fridges are made using pure stainless steel so that the moisture does not lead to rust and does not play a spoilsport in displaying your food items. A ventilation system ensures that your food remains fresh throughout its product cycle. The Indian weather is known for its extremities and humidity. This difference in temperature and added humidity leads to mist formation on the display refrigerator. This problem can be solved with using the anti-mist heated glass system that dissipates the mist in moments. The anti-mist system ensure that your food items do not become soggy and are displayed without any mist obstruction. The display and controller settings for these display fridges are digital, so you may get precision real-time temperature regulation for all your food products.

Aesthetics : Food is said to be sufficiently cooked when Aesthetics play an essential role in the marketing, selling and sustenance of your confectionery or bakery establishment. These display fridges are designed using high quality glass. This glass may be molded and curved at the edges to give a safer and smoother look compared to their counterparts of yesteryear. Companies all over the world have adopted a singular and homogenous model for their brand’s color theme and it’s packaging and equipment. This helps your establishment to stand out from the crowd. Customers have a tendency of associating a brand with its design essence. The design and aesthetics of your display fridge unit should be coherent with the look and feel of your brand

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