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What is a Visi Cooler? What are its benefits for commercial use?

There is a broad range of refrigerator models in the market now that are utilized for various commercial uses. In commercial kitchens, refrigerators store vegetables, meat, dairy, and many other raw or cooked foods for days. Commercial refrigerator like Visi Coolers is specifically designed for cooling functions in retail food industries.

A must-have for every retailer, a Visi Cooler is an essential piece of equipment in any supermarket or grocery store. Commercial Visi Coolers are upright refrigerators for displaying food items, keeping them cold and preserving their freshness. 

Visi coolers provide uniform cooling, maintain a temperature between 1 to 10 degrees Celcius, and are ideal for storing and displaying items like milk products, chocolates, juice, beverages, etc. These coolers are vertical in height and have double-layered vacuum glass doors, ensuring that products are easily visible. The more visibility, the more the sale as customers will be attracted to items they can see clearly.

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There are generally three types of Visi coolers, single door, double door and triple-door coolers. The single-door models range between 100-700 litres in capacity. The double-door models range from 600-1200 litres in capacity. Although not as common, triple-door variants can store up to 1800 litres. Visi Coolers available in the market today are sustainable and use eco-friendly refrigerants.  

Visi Cooler come with adjustable wired racks and gravity doors and is specifically designed for commercial use. The self-closing doors ensure that temperature is maintained and cooling is not lost if someone opens the door to take an item out.

 They are equipped with internal LED lights for maximum visibility of products and locks on the doors in case a retailer wishes to lock the doors before leaving their store. These refrigerators also come with wheels or castors attached to the bottom of the unit, which makes them easy to move and transport if and when needed.Visi Cooler - 1500L

The double-layered vacuum glass doors are durable, rugged and clear as day, helping customers view the best selection only. Elanpro Visi Coolers feature an advanced Frost Free Cooling Technology that helps circulate cold air throughout the cabinet evenly through its convection process using electric fans installed within the units. They are designed to adapt smoothly to cool in harsh Indian weather conditions. 

Visi coolers are sleek and aesthetically pleasing and keep beverages and dairy products handy, cold and ready to purchase. They are easily accessible and come in single, double or even triple-door variants. Depending on the number of products one wishes to display and the size of their store, one can select from the wide range of Visi Coolers available in the Indian market today.

Are you looking for a Visi Cooler for your business? Explore Elanpro’s range of Visi coolers and Visi Freezers for your retail needs. We provide expert consultation and customer service no matter the concern. So when it comes to commercial refrigerators choose the best, choose Elanpro.

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