For a chef, a commercial refrigerator is one of the key assets. Different food and beverages have different refrigeration needs that a domestic refrigerator may not be able to cater to, hence investing in a commercial refrigerator becomes sacrosanct. Smaller cafes or restaurants might only require a single commercial refrigerator, however, bigger establishments may need more and different types of commercial refrigerators depending upon their offerings, and needs.

There are still certain requirements that are ubiquitous for all refrigerators. Whether you’re looking for a deep freezer, an upright commercial refrigerator, an under-counter refrigerator, a walk-in one, looking out for some key features are essential. To know more, scroll down!

→ Durable & Seamless Body Construction:
Purchasing a commercial refrigerator implies that you’re making an investment in your business. Make sure to purchase the refrigerator from a reputed brand that promises durability to avoid investing in the refrigerator frequently. Make sure the refrigerator has a robust build.

→ Size and Capacity:
Size and capacity are integral for the practicality of the refrigeration process. Some factors to consider when buying a commercial refrigerator in terms of size and capacity are:

● The volume of things you have to store so that you can accurately decipher the final measurement.
● Whether you need extra organizational space or storage zones so that you can quickly access your crucial ingredients.
● A practical built inside out, some brands may give you aesthetically pleasing looking refrigerators but may be very compact in the practical sense. Choose a brand that gives you both.
● It’s always better to invest in a bigger refrigerator than a smaller one depending upon the space availability since you will be able to grow your restaurant without having to reinvest.

→ High Ambient operational:
A good chef knows how important high ambient operational refrigerators are. When using a refrigerator in which temperature is not maintained, the ambient temperature can affect the commercial refrigerator’s performance profusely.

→ Automatic Door Closing:
Self-closing doors are a must for all commercial refrigerators. This is especially important if you have a lot of staff that access the commercial refrigerator, as it will ensure they don’t accidentally leave the doors after selecting their products.

→ Gastronorm Compatible:
For smarter organization and convenience, GN Pan Compatible refrigerators are the preferred
choice of Indian chefs. Gastronorm sizes were engineered by the European Standards Committee to standardize the container sizes in the food and catering industry. These are designed to make it easier and more cost-effective for everyone across the supply chain, from manufacturers of catering equipment to the end consumer.

→ Corrosion Resistant:
For any food business, serving the customers fresh and healthy food remains a priority. In every food-related business, storing ingredients in bulk and keeping them fresh is important. The right corrosion-resistant commercial refrigerator will help prevent food-borne diseases and help you serve the best and high-quality dishes to your customers.

→ Precise Temperature Controller:
Every chef knows that different ingredients and food items require different temperatures. Thus investing in a commercial refrigerator that gives the head chef the liberty to regulate and monitor the temperature is important.

→ Prompt Service Response:
When buying a core asset to your business such as a commercial refrigerator, it becomes important to invest in a partnership that understands your needs and respects your customers. Invest in a brand that values your business and are reputed for their quick, efficient and effective solutions.

→ Energy Efficient:
The energy-efficient aspect helps in terms of monetary factors when purchasing a commercial refrigerator. Always remember to check the energy efficiency of the commercial refrigerators to save a little on your monthly bill.

Summing Up →
With these factors in mind, you can easily invest in a great commercial refrigerator that adds value to your food business. We at Elanpro deliver solutions that are engineered keeping in mind the needs of the Indian chefs.

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