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Why can’t wine be kept in a regular refrigerator?

Wine coolers, also known as wine chillers, are used to keep your wine at the ideal serving temperature. Wine refrigerators serve two purposes: they can be used for storage and slow down the aging process of wine.

Wine fridges work the same way as regular fridges by keeping the humidity low. However, this humidity level can dry out corks and cause them to shrink which in turn allows oxygen to enter the bottle and affect the quality of the wine. 

Wine coolers are designed to hold the wines you want to drink within a short time frame. It’s easy to monitor the temperature level inside with a special in-built gauge. This lets you set and adjust the temperature according to the type of wine you’re chilling.

Regular refrigerator doors are opened and closed frequently which causes a fluctuation in temperature which in turn harms the wine. This is why wine chillers are built differently to ensure delicate wines are kept properly.

So if you’re thinking about getting a wine cooler for your kitchen, here’s all you need to know

1. They’re cost-effective

Wine cooling units may seem like an extravagant or unnecessary investment but in fact, they’re cheaper than wine cellars. If you love drinking wine and keeping a collection of quality wine then a wine cooler is a better option, it can hold 20-120 bottles depending on the size of the unit.

2. Wine stays fresh for longer

There are three main factors that determine the difference between regular commercial refrigerators and wine coolers – temperature, humidity, and vibration. Wines are temperature sensitive, so if you live in a house that is extremely cold or extremely hot, your wine is at a higher risk of losing its flavor.

Refrigerators are meant to quickly lower the temperature and remove humidity. A wine fridge gradually reduces the temperature of its contents while maintaining an ideal degree of humidity for wine.

Wine coolers come equipped with UV-tinted glass to ensure protection from harmful ultraviolet rays and these units largely use wooden shelves to absorb any vibrations that the compressor might cause.

3. Humidity is your friend

Humidity, just like temperature, can greatly affect the quality of your wine. Regular refrigeration units keep food cold and dry by cooling the air and drying it out. However, this humidity is exactly what you should look for in a wine fridge. These coolers maintain the right temperature and humidity keeping wine corks wet and slowing down the aging process. Wine chillers also come equipped with shelves and racks built specifically for holding wine.

4. Stores wine horizontally 

Keeping wine horizontally makes sure that the cork remains damp. If the cork dries out then it will shrink and allow air into the wine which in turn will speed up the aging process. This is not good for wine! Wine coolers are specially designed to store bottles horizontally so you can choose one at will without disturbing the others.

5. Prevents bad odors 

Unpleasant, smelly odors from your fridge can actually harm your wines. Lack of humidity in your household refrigerator can cause the wine to absorb the odors from its surroundings which will destroy its taste of it. Good quality wine chillers come with charcoal filters to prevent this from happening, so keep that in mind while investing in one.

6. Keep more than just wine cool

There’s so much more to a wine cooler! You can keep more than just wine in a wine chiller. Oils, vinegar, and even other cold beverages can be kept in these handy wine coolers when you’re running out of space in your fridge.

When it comes to wine chillers you know you want only the best and just in time for your next big party. Get in touch with Elanpro for all your cooling needs and services and choose the best.

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